Bishop Spray Service provides a full spectrum of weed control services. We provide complete elimination and ongoing prevention for your residential, commercial and industrial locations.

  • Lawn Weeds: crabgrass, spurge, oxalis, mallow, dandelions, clover, ground ivy, knotweed, plantain
  • Pasture Weeds
  • Noxious Weeds: dalmation toadflax, punturevein (goatheads), skeletonweed/rush, knapweed (all), kochia, thistle (all), spurge
  • Soil Sterilants

Our mission is to provide value and quality weed, insect and pest control services while maintaining safety for our customers and environment; and to maintain the most experienced and professional staff possible.


For those who wish to supplement their lawn maintenance program, we offer broadleaf control that eliminates and keeps weeds from your lawn.
We can provide an assessment of harmful diseases, weeds or insects and give recommendations for achieving a thick, healthy, green, lawn and what services and programs we can offer.
In addition to supplementing your lawn maintenance program with our broadleaf control, we can include liquid fertilizer with our weed spray. The combination of fertilizer and herbicide helps ward off weeds and delivers results in 1-2 weeks with an appropriate watering schedule.
Pre-Application Care:

  • Do not water on the day of the application; be sure to turn automatic sprinkler systems off (all zones).
  • Do not mow the day before or day of the application.

Post-Application Care:

  • Wait 24-hours before watering your lawn.
  • Water lawn heavily before mowing.
  • For best results, do not bag clippings for the first mowing after application.
  • Allow application to dry completely before allowing children and pets onto the treated area(s)


We can help you to identify and discuss pre-existing problems and what services and programs we can offer to achieve elimination of weed problems and keep from developing new ones.
Pre-Application Care:

  • Do not water on the day of application.
  • Do not mow the day before or day of the application.
  • Remove animals from pasture.

Post-Application Care:

  • Wait 24-hours before returning animals to the pasture.


A noxious weed is a plant so aggressive they harm our local ecosystem or disrupt agricultural production. These plants crowd out the native species that fish and wildlife depend on.
Bishop Spray Service can provide you with custom-tailored noxious weed control with an analysis of the area in which weed control is desired and the products and services we can offer to be most effective in eliminating undesirable weeds.
If you have been served notice by the Noxious Weed Board, we can provide services to eliminate weeds you have been posted for. Once scheduled, we contact the Noxious Weed Board to ensure no further actions are taken against you, the property owner.
We provide soil sterilant weed control. This pre-emergent weed control is a non-selective herbicide designed to be applied to bare-ground areas such as gravel, parking lots, driveways, storage yards or anywhere season-long prevention is desired. We offer this service in late October/November and February/March.


Soil sterilant/pre-emergent weed control is non-selective, residual herbicides designed to be applied to bare-ground areas such as:

  • gravel
  • parking lots
  • driveways
  • storage yards
  • anywhere season-long prevention is desired

Soil sterilant/pre-emergent weed control must be applied to the soil prior to weed seed germination and at times when the weather will provide enough moisture to activate the herbicide.
We offer this service in October/November and February/March. We also provide this as a season-long (Spring, Summer, Fall) guarantee service; in the event a break-through occurs, we will provide a touch-up at no cost.