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Soap Lake Pest Control

Established in 1979 Bishop Spray Service has provided the best Soap Lake pest control service at the lowest cost. Whether you have termites, bed bugs or roaches, Bishop Spray's Soap Lake pest control is here to save your home and give you piece of mind. We've been provide full spectrum pest control services for over 36 years.

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Soap Lake Weed Control

Bishop Spray provides a full spectrum of Soap Lake weed control services:
Lawn Weeds:crabgrass, spurge, oxalis, mallow, dandelions, clover, ground ivy, knotweed, plantain
Noxious Weeds:dalmation, toadflax, punturevein (goatheads), skeletonweed/rush, knapweed, kochia, thistle, spurge
For Lawns:eliminate existing problems, prevent developing new ones
Soil Sterilants:season-long pre-emergent weed control

About Soap Lake, WA

In 1907, Soap Lake became home to the first sanitarium that was open to the public. Visitors came from all around Washington State and elsewhere by train in order to take steam, mud, and water baths. All during that summer, many proprietors rented tent to the numerous people who came in search of treatment for any number of health problems that were considered, during that time, untreatable as many cottages, cabins, and hotels were filled to capacity. During this period of time people didn't have any health insurance. Therefore, being sick was a prospect that many people couldn't figure a way out of and was oftentimes very scary.

Veteran's organizations started spreading the word that the sanitarium in Soap Lake could cure the dreaded Buergers disease, which is a circulatory problem that many veterans from WW I suffered from during the middle 1930's. The federal government eventually conducted a study in order to determine if the sanitarium at Soap Lake had any effect on the disease. Although numerous veterans came to the community in droves and received relief, the results of the study were inconclusive. Washington State built a hospital to treat patients who suffered from the disease in 1937.

The prominence of Soap Lake as a premier health resort diminished as modern medical practices, sulfa drugs, and penicillin were discovered. The community fell into disrepair by the 1980's. Some of the least expensive rents for cottages and small cabins that were once the favorite home of summer visitors were offered by absentee or aging landlords.

These days, as an ever increasing number of people are leading healthier and more natural lifestyles, the community is resurging. Many people are discovering the presence of clean water, air, and sunshine, the thriving artist's community, and the laid back atmosphere of the community. Although there isn't any shortage of residents or visitors who enjoy sharing the stories that they have heard from others or stories from their own personal experience, there aren't any official claims of the curing effects of the mud and water.

During the last century, the history of the community that was once so very popular has been colorful and lively. An excellent portrayal of Soap Lake is presented by the documentary, Dirt Roads. The documentary offers several first person accounts of growing up in a resort community where people with many different health problems and many different ethnic backgrounds came and experienced amazing results from using the mud and bathing in the lake.

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